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Board of Directors

Ansel Howell

Ansel D. Howell


Mr. Ansel D. Howell is an Organisational Effectiveness and Change Management consultant with a wealth of corporate governance experience having held several leadership positions in a leading financial institution over the past 20+ years.  He provides consulting services in various areas including, team development, crisis management and prevention, project management, business process and system design and project financing.  Mr. Howell holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. both in Computer Science from the University of the West Indies as well as several Management certifications including Internal Auditing.

Jennifer Lutchman

Deputy Chairman

Jennifer Lutchman is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and has over thirty (30) years of accounting and auditing experience. Ms. Lutchman facilitated the implementation of the International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAIs) within the public sector. She was a member of a Quality Assurance Unit to ensure compliance and assisted in re-engineering processes to bring them in line with international standards and best practice.

Anthony G. Campbell

Anthony Campbell has over 37 years’ experience in the Banking sector. His responsibilities in Credit Management and Arrears Collections included leading both commercial and personal banking units and branch management which allowed for astute management of mortgage facilities. Mr. Campbell also holds a BSc in Management Studies from the University of the West Indies.


Ann Chan Chow


With her accounting experience, Ann Chan Chow has served as Treasurer of several unions. She has been a member of the board of Textel Credit Union and a Caribbean Representative of the Women’s committee of the UNI Global Union. She currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Insurance Board.



Marilyn Gordon


Ms. Gordon served as a teacher at both the primary and secondary school level. She then served as Minister in various ministries. She brings with her over forty (40) years’ experience. She graduated from the University of Newcastle on Tyne, England with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography. She represented Trinidad and Tobago at hockey and athletics and went on to coach the first national junior hockey team to compete in Jamaica. Ms. Gordon has led the team which conceptualized and implemented several property development projects in Western Trinidad.



Walton Hilton-Clarke


Walton Hilton-Clarke served as a senior executive in the oil industry for twenty-five (25) years. He has been a member on various committees in the trade and business industries and for the last twenty (20) years, Mr. Hilton-Clarke has represented Trinidad and Tobago at the International Labour Conferences at Geneva, Switzerland. He currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Insurance Board, of the Employers’ Consultative Association and of the Home Mortgage Bank.

Athena S. Ryan

Athena S. Ryan is an Attorney-at-Law by profession, having obtained her Bachelor of Laws Degree (Honours) from the University of London and her Legal Education Certificate from the Hugh Wooding Law School. Ms. Ryan also holds a Bachelor of Arts History and Communication Studies (Honours) from the University of the West Indies, as well as several other certifications including Mediation and Corporate Governance.