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Simple Spaces: Manage your space to maximize its benefit

When it comes to planning the layout and décor within your home, a bit of extra thought can help you gain the most out of each space. Consider some of these ideas the next time you’re moving into a new house or find yourself ready to redecorate.

Be picky with your pieces

Look for furniture which provides functional value without hoarding a lot of space in the room. For instance, the combination of these two round tables can replace an otherwise large and clunky coffee table.


Sometimes you don’t need the full item

In smaller rooms or narrow corridors, you can still have useful table-top space by utilizing a smaller version of a traditionally larger piece. For instance, you can add a half-table into these spots.


Don’t forget about vertical space

Often the space between the tops of cabinets or cupboards is left unused. Try having your cupboards continue all the way up to the ceiling for a more useful solution.


Attractive storage solutions can exist almost anywhere

Be creative when looking at storage opportunities. Under the bed for instance, can be transformed into storage you can display with the use of baskets or coordinated boxes.


Everything has its place

Instead of having appliances crowd your kitchen countertops and bulky items take up too much space, you can tuck them away neatly in their own cupboards or drawers so they’re still easily accessible but also out of the way.


Don’t overlook doors

The back of doors in many rooms, for example in the bathroom or laundry, can double as efficient storage solutions.


Contain the messy areas where you can

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to shut away the mess. By positioning your kids’ desk area within a wide closet, the doors stay open in the daytime or when in use but can be quickly shut to hide away the area when your kids are off doing other things.


Shelves can double a room dividers

Shelving units can help to divide the functional areas in a room while also providing added storage for your belongings.


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