Going Green in 4 Easy Steps - Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage Finance Company Ltd.

Sat 25th Jun, 2011

Going green is no longer a concept strictly associated with granola munching hippies who live off the grid. Around the world and even here at home, the green movement has become less of a trend and more a part of people’s lifestyles and building practices. For those of you who are considering home renovation or building from the ground up, we’ve compiled tips from around the web that will help guide you in creating a comfortable, sustainable home!

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  • First things first, seek out a like-minded building contractor. A reputable building contractor or architect can guide you on local resources for recycled products such as ceramic tiles, glass and even reclaimed wood that you can use for doors or flooring. If you are going the do-it-yourself route, it’s still a good idea to talk to people in the know: they can give you great tips on other homes or buildings that are undergoing renovation by means of which you can score great finishing touches like doors, moulding and even windows!
  • We all know how punishingly hot it can be in Trinidad, but do you really need to install air conditioning? Consider revising your building plans instead to create more open, airy spaces in the house. Large windows, good ventilation, a ceiling fan and a tall glass of iced tea do wonders for cooling down on a warm day!
  • Take advantage of Trinidad’s blazing noon sunshine and install solar panels. You may feel sticker shock initially at the cost, but consider this a truly worthy investment. Over time, your energy costs will be reduced drastically, and with TTMF’s affordable home improvement loans, making this purchase will be a breeze!
  • Consider upgrading your appliances. Energy efficient dishwashers and washing machines not only use less power, they require half the amount of water to do the same work as older models.


Going green when building or renovating will have a lasting impact and pay dividends over time. Do your part to create a sustainable future, while watching your utilities bill shrink with each passing quarter!