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Thu 22nd Feb, 2018

Clyde Holmes, the husband and father to Julia and Kelly Holmes, has some advice to give you about finding ways to help reduce costs on your home renovations. Clyde works in construction so he has a great deal of firsthand experience, having worked on several home construction and renovation sites over the past years. Keep reading as Clyde shares some of his best tips for keeping things budget friendly.

Pre-Renovation Must Do’s

Before jumping into a home renovation, it is vital to take time to prepare and research your options. This includes determining a renovation budget which should not exceed half the value of your home, identifying your top renovation priorities, ensuring you have a contingency fund in the event of cost overruns. To read more on these pre-renovation steps, click here.

Source Experts and Quotations

You may want to consult an architect, interior designer or contractor. Before selecting the professional/s you’re going to work with, do your homework and source multiple quotations so you can assess the best fit for your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and confirm exactly what their fees cover. For instance, the architect’s fee may not include any of the planning permissions you may require before starting the construction work.

Take advantage of the existing design

Rather than knocking down walls, factor in the existing layout and find ways to make it work for you. Additionally, with bathroom renovations it can be more cost effective to leave the existing plumbing in place and upgrade the other elements such as the tiling and fixtures. Read more about working with your current design in this TTMF article here.


While specialized tasks, such as plumbing and electrics, are best left to those that are qualified, there are many areas where you can do it yourself. Perhaps you can focus on painting or even  purchasing materials yourself so that you can avoid the mark ups that the contractors may charge.

Reuse or refurbish

Look at what items may just need a face lift rather than an expensive replacement. You may find re-painting an old desk or recovering an old couch turns out even better than you (and your wallet) imagined.

Home renovations can be a costly endeavor, however adequate research and preparation, along with budget-friendly methods and alternatives, can help save a significant amount. Best of luck with your home reno!


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