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Thu 26th Apr, 2018

Clyde Holmes is just the person to talk to when it comes to the topic of home expansion. Having worked in construction for many years on a variety of home expansion projects, Clyde has helped transform many homes into shiny new versions of what they once were. If you’ve been considering expanding your home, read on to learn Clyde’s tips.

Adding a room

You can give yourself the gift of space with a room addition to your home. While you may think it’s ‘just one room’, do remember this is a big commitment. Make sure you’ve thought it through as there are many requirements or elements that are similar to building an entire house, such as permits, contractors, plumbers, electricians, architects and so on. Also keep in mind there will likely be a tradeoff with regards to yard space in order to facilitate that extra room. Some couples also prefer to wait until their children are more grown before embarking on this project.

Adding a storey

This is an incredible way to expand your home while maintaining the size of your yard. Since there is likely no foundation work required, this helps save a significant amount of money as you’ll be building on the existing home foundation. Be sure to investigate that your existing foundation is suitable to support the added weight. You also have the option of slowly finishing off room by room as the budget permits – giving you a flexible timeline.

Unused Spaces

If you have underutilized spaces in your home, such as an empty area above your front entrance or below your staircase, this can be transformed into functional space. A small space can be converted to a study area or play room to maximize the square footage of your home.

Kitchen extension

The kitchen is one of the most used and enjoyed shared spaces in a home. Perhaps you’d benefit from increasing its size or adding an island. Be thoughtful about things like plumbing and electrics and once again – consult the professionals so you can be sure it’s handled correctly.


An annex is a wonderful way to provide living space for in-laws or a relative that wants to remain nearby. Make certain to obtain any necessary permissions as this is a significant change to your home. Adding an annex can also help increase the value of your property, so this is an investment worth researching if it’s something you think might be a fit.


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