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Fri 29th Jun, 2018

Julia Holmes takes excellent care of their home. Being married to Clyde, who works in construction, she learnt some of the pitfalls of neglecting home repairs and was encouraged to adopt a number of healthy home care habits. Julia now has quite a number of tips to share to help you keep your home in top shape.

Roof Inspection

Rather than being surprised by an unexpected leak or roof issue, annual roof checks, can make all the difference. Keep your eyes open for materials which are curling, buckling or blistering and look for rust spots on galvanised roofing. Avoid walking on your roof if you identify a problem, to prevent any further damage. Before the rainy season comes, clear all gutters from leaves or debris that can cause blockages. Don’t hesitate to consult an expert if you’re uncertain about how to carry out inspections safely.


Attend to leaks quickly as it wastes water which you should always be mindful to avoid. While minor drips might seem like a small amount of water, it may cause major water damage. Toilet mechanisms are likely to wear down over years of use so rectifying any leaks right away is best. You can also take a look around for any clogged drains or ones which drain very slowly and clear any blockages. Another fixture to monitor regularly is the kitchen sink as this is used quite heavily. Wear and tear can lead to issues such as faucet leaks so it’s ideal to inspect this carefully.


Since moist conditions attract termites, be sure to inspect pipes for leaks and repair them immediately. Check that the moisture release of any air conditioning unit is moved away from the foundations of the home.

Wooden furniture is also at high risk for termites so where possible, keep furniture away from walls or consider alternative materials such as metal. Look inside wooden cupboards to help identify problems at an early stage when things are more manageable to resolve. Consider using more termite-resistant or treated wood to minimize conditions ideal for these pests.

Taking an active role in monitoring and maintenance is critical to responsible home care. We hope these tips help save you time and expense down the road!


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