A Guide to Renovating Your Kitchen - Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage Finance Company Ltd.

October 23, 2018

Kitchen renovations can be a big investment and require careful planning. Julia and Clyde Holmes know this firsthand from their recent kitchen remodel. Luckily, with Clyde’s years in construction he learned from many other kitchen renovations before it was time to do his own. Below they share their biggest learnings with you.

  1. Home Equity

When budgeting for your renovation, consider utilizing the Equity in your home. As one of your most significant investments, your home generates wealth as its value appreciates over time. Specifically, Home Equity is the difference between the market value of your home and the outstanding debt. If you qualify for a Home Equity Loan, this may be an avenue worth pursuing. If you’d like to learn more about Home Equity, reach out to us (here) or take a look at this article to read further.

  1. Budget Savings

If you’re trying to reduce costs, one of the most impactful budget-friendly decisions is to keep the current layout of your kitchen. You will eliminate the need (and expense!) of breaking down walls and other costly or technical changes such as moving plumbing or electrical wiring.

  1. Design Planning

Rather than diving into this project blindly, take the time to do your research and make smart decisions that favour long-term functionality.

Our top tips:

– Anticipate your storage needs and account for them in the design

– Be mindful of walkways and cater for enough space to move around comfortably

– Place the stove out of high traffic areas so that children will be less likely to run into pot handles by accident

– Plan enough space for clearance of open cabinet and appliance doors, ensuring doors don’t hit into each other if they are open at the same time

– Install enough outlets in places you’ll need them (e.g. on an island or backsplash)

  1. Account for Easy Cleaning

Where possible, make choices that help reduce mess and the need for future cleaning. This will ultimately save so much time by cutting down your need for tidying up! Here are some tips to help:

– Avoid wire shelves in refrigerators as those allow mess to fall through. Use glass shelves so they can be wiped easily.

– Go for matte finishes as they tend to show dirt less clearly than glossy finishes.

– Ensure countertops have an overhang so that any spills or drips fall onto the floor instead of onto cabinets or other surfaces that are more tedious to clean

We hope this helps get you started on your kitchen renovation planning!