6 Easy and Impactful Weekend DIY Projects

Thu 21st Feb, 2019

There are many ways to upgrade and enhance your home without breaking the bank or needing to hire a contractor. Julia and Clyde share 6 of their favourite DIY projects which are not only a welcomed improvement to their property, but also can be completed in just a weekend. Have fun!

  1. Home Entrance

Give your front door and entryway a facelift. By adding an impactful front door colour (consider something warm and bright) along with attention to landscaping, you can make your entrance not only functional, but also inviting. Consider potted foliage or planting a selection of lush greens in varied heights and textures. Pay attention to details as well – adding a welcome mat and outdoor lighting can make a huge difference.

2. Kitchen Details

Add a sleek aesthetic to your kitchen by replacing your sink with a modern alternative. Look for other matching finishes such as a new faucet along with cupboard handles and knobs that also match the look and feel of the sink you selected. These changes all come together to revamp one of the most utilized rooms in your house.

3. Moulding


This addition can work for so many areas in your home, ranging from the living room to the bedrooms. For the biggest benefit, consider focusing on common areas so that the more exposed rooms in your home get to be made over first. With the application of a crown moulding trim, the space now appears more complete than ever before.

4. Wall Make-Over


If painting is not your favourite thing, consider wallpaper your new best friend. Select the wall in your home which functions best as an accent and get creative with a fun wallpaper design. Wallpaper is also not permanent provided you use the self-adhesive version; this gives you the flexibility to reposition as needed, ensuring you’re happy with the new look.

5. Showerhead Replacement

Not only does a new showerhead enhance the fixtures in your bathroom, but you can also make progress towards reducing your monthly water consumption by purchasing a low-flow unit. Your new showerhead ensures even and relaxing water flow and also can help teach your household about the value of being responsible consumers – double win.

6. Window Treatments


Give a room in your house a whole new look by replacing the window treatments. New blinds or curtains not only freshen the space but are also a great way to try a different colour scheme without the commitment of painting the walls. If there’s a colour combination you’ve been wanting to try – go for it!