Building? Here are some DIY ideas and other ways to cut down on labour costs

Tue 28th May, 2019

Building your own home is a meaningful milestone that may well be one of the most expensive investments you’ll make in your lifetime. To help keep the budget in check, consider taking on achievable DIY projects. We’ve put together a list of projects to get your creativity flowing and help you save!


  1. Tiling your shower and floors

For those with a high dose of patience and care for precision, tiling your shower may be the perfect DIY project to take on. You’ll need to prep the walls, plan your surface area and tiling fit carefully, determine the specific layout, then apply the thinset, tiles, spacers and grout. Have a look at these resources outlining how to tile your shower for more details.  When you’re done with your tiling project, you’ll enjoy your handiwork for years to come.

Tiling the floors may sound like a daunting task but once you learn how to do it, it can be quite straightforward. Install tile flooring by diligently following the steps of preparing the subfloor and substrate, laying out the pattern, making the tile cuts, applying thinset, laying the tiles then applying the grout. Like any project, make sure you understand the steps to install floor tile in detail before starting.


  1. Installing your kitchen cabinets and hardware


The kitchen is one of the most used and loved rooms in the house, so why not contribute by installing the cabinets for this core gathering place in your home? Start by researching your ideal cabinets and then sourcing the cabinet parts and necessary tools. Kitchen cabinet installation guides can be a big help so you’ll be doing tasks like setting the cabinet height and hanging doors in no time. Don’t be shy to ask questions to the cabinet supplier and your other resources as well, so you have a wealth of cabinet knowledge before you start.

Just like with fixtures, learning how to install cabinet hardware can put you in an excellent position to take this work into your own hands and have a beautiful array of knobs, handles and pulls installed in your home. This skill is applicable to a wide number of rooms in the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom to any storage rooms.


  1. Easy to Install Fixtures


Fixtures truly add an impactful visual finish to your home. You can learn how to install a light fixture, for example, and then be equipped to add beautiful lighting details to your house. Installing bathroom fixtures such as a decorative towel bar or showerhead can also make a considerable difference. By focusing on achievable projects, you can not only save money but proudly be a part of your home’s transformation.


  1. Painting your door and external features


Painting your home’s front door as well as external features like balusters can dramatically change the look and feel of your property. You’ll personally see the difference every time you walk into your home; changing the color of the door can make it feel like you are entering a whole new house!


  1. Add a new backsplash


A new backsplash in your kitchen can give it a more updated look and is surprisingly affordable too, not to mention one of the easier tasks for DIY-ers to handle. Peel and stick tile backsplashes can be applied without the need for expensive or hard to use tools, making this kitchen upgrade one the best bangs for your buck in terms of cost and effort required.


  1. Add removable wallpaper


Most people hear the word wallpaper and flashbacks of tacky, messy, hard to apply sheets of pure frustration spring to mind. Modern removable wallpaper takes all hassle out of it and it’s relatively affordable. For those with commitment issues, when you’re ready for a new look, simply peel it off and you’re good to go!

DIY projects are a great way to learn new skills and save on the cost of labor. We encourage you to explore the guides linked above as a starting point to mastering your own DIY home projects. Good luck and enjoy!