Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Projects

Tue 22nd Oct, 2019


With the Christmas season approaching, you may be thinking about sprucing up your home in anticipation of the holiday parties you will be hosting. As a responsible homeowner, it’s important to spend within your means. If renovations are not within your financial reach this year, we suggest identifying smaller projects that are more financially feasible but can still go a long way to transform your home. We’ve compiled some of our favourite budget-conscious home improvement projects below.

Instead of repainting everything…
Pick a specific room or try an accent wall or cupboard!
Adding a new coat of paint can brighten up the space significantly. You can freshen up stained or dingy walls and take it another level by adding a fresh pop of colour as well. For instance, changing the colour of your kitchen cupboards or adding an accent wall can add personality and warmth.

Instead of building new storage…
Add organization to your cabinets!
Whether it be clothing closets or kitchen cupboards, adding organization and getting rid of clutter transforms this storage space completely. Start by taking stock of what’s stored in these areas and get rid of items you don’t need. Once you identify the items you really want to hold onto, sort them into similar categories and display them neatly with sectional containers, hooks or hangers. Instead of building more storage, this re-organisation would show you that you had more space than you realized!

Instead of redecorating…
Add crown moulding!
The addition of decorative moulding brings not only a more elegant finish but also adds value to your home. Start by learning about which crown moulding might be most suited to your space, for instance, some architects recommend that crown moulding be no more than 6 inches in height if a room has 8-foot ceilings. If you’re keen for a handy DIY project, you can also consider carrying out the installation yourself.

Instead of bathroom renovations…
Revive your bathroom with new caulk!
Get rid of old, discoloured and brittle bathroom caulk and replace with a fresh application. Not only is this a practical choice, as new caulk helps prevent mould and mildew, but it also provides a nifty facelift.

Instead of purchasing new furniture…
Revive your couch and cushions!
If your couch and cushions are sagging after years of use, give them new life by re-stuffing them.

Instead of exterior remodeling…
Refresh your entryway!

Your home’s entrance creates a first impression to anyone visiting and improves the appeal for future buyers. Consider repainting your door and adding new door finishings like a stylish knob or handle. You can also add foliage, from potted greens to planted flowers. Other touches like installing a new house number and outdoor lighting can also go a long way.