From Dream to Reali-KEY: Recap of Our Home Guide Gifts To You in 2021!

Fri 17th Dec, 2021

It is said that the game of chess can provide incredibly useful lessons that you can apply to all aspects of your life, even the homeownership process. Why? Because chess requires you to really think about and plan your strategy from the very start of the game. For 2021, the homeownership process, just like chess, requires strategy and planning.

2021: The Year to Review & Reset

As simple as it may sound, 2021 was the year that required most of us to pivot, to review, reset and prioritise our finances. In these continued pandemic times, we focused on providing you with a few ‘keys’, a.k.a. some practical tips to making sure that your plan is as strong and sustainable as possible, for maintaining and protecting your most important investment – your home. As a homeowner, you might have been thinking of renovating, or considering using the equity in your home or even contemplating upgrading your home into a smart home. There were also some legal requirements that you had to satisfy, so we made sure you understood the ins and outs of Property tax and the frequently asked questions as well as everything you needed to know about Homeowner Insurance/Mortgage Insurance.

If you were someone who had just started planning for a home or land purchase we wanted to make sure you understood how you go about choosing the right neighbourhood, saving for closing costs, or even embarking on the homeownership journey as a couple.

For the homeownership hopeful, someone who has just started thinking about buying or building their own home or purchasing land, we shared some insider tips geared towards helping you manage and get rid of your debt in 2021, prepare yourself for applying (and getting approved) for a mortgage, and strategise how to go about owning your home in just two years.  


2022:  From Dream to Reali-KEY!

If you have big homeownership dreams for your future, this is good! Dreams captivate you and keep you motivated towards your goal.

We understand too, that throughout the homeownership process, you will be looking for confirmation that you are making the right decision. As you narrow down your choices, you must educate yourself about what you can afford, the timeframes, the process, and the pros and cons of the different mortgage financing options that are available to you.

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Become Home Smart

We hope these ‘keys’ and tips for 2021 gave you a jumpstart towards your goal of becoming a homeowner in 2022.

But whether you are ready to buy today or are gearing up for the year ahead, any day can be a good day to begin your homeownership journey with us. Allow us to take you from here…to home. Let’s get started…together!