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Thu 22nd Dec, 2022

The holidays are here… and as soon as we blink we will be entering 2023. The dawn of a new year is the perfect time to look forward to the future, secure in knowing that there were many tips and bits information we shared with you in 2022.

We spoke to the millennials about  the importance of homeownership, that they should aspire to  achieve debt freedom and detailed  all  that was required for financing your first home.


We also shared some possible projects you can tackle this year or the coming year that could increase  your property value and overall satisfaction through  home remodeling ideas. Even if you didn’t get to it, don’t let those pending tasks rob you of your holiday joy. Set some New Year’s resolutions to make 2023 the year of home improvement.. We made some suggestions about some alluring styles for your home, that will help you complete your selected changes by this time next year. We also were sure to discuss Homeowners insurance 101 and the importance in making sure you and your family are protected in case something goes wrong..

Being a homeowner is no small responsibility and we believe in a future where everyone has a real opportunity to own their own home.  Whether you are just beginning to search for your home, have been working hard to meet the qualification criteria  for a mortgage, or have simply been too overwhelmed to try – we were here to help you unlock your life’s next chapter.. We made sure you were up to date with the techniques in building your home cost effectively. We also included you getting involved in mortgage promotions and brought you up-to-date on  some of the mortgage loan options when buying land or building a home.

Perhaps this year one of the most obvious benefits of homeownership is the reality of the wealth it creates for you and your family, as over time your property value increases giving you the maximum return on your initial investment. We helped you to familiarize yourself with the 6 reasons for using a co-borrower and the importance of pre-qualifying for mortgage financing to ensure you understood  how these factors could impact your personal finances.

As the value and possibilities of homeownership continue to rise, more and more of us aspire to own a home. If owning a home is one of your dreams, taking the time to familiarize yourself with all the benefits of homeownership can help set you up for success as you determine whether you will pursue this goal now or in the not-to-distant future. . If you do think you might be ready to take that step towards buying a home or land or building a home, check out our Home Smart blog to determine what your next move should be.


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