Prequalify Now

Once you’ve decided to take the step to purchase or build a home, the process can seem endlessly overwhelming and you may not be sure where to even begin! TTMF is here to help.

The first step you must take is determining your affordable price range. TTMF’s Pre-Qualification process analyses your financial information to help you determine the amount of money you can borrow.

A Pre-Qualification interview permits us to assess your financial position. At this interview, you are assessed on the basis of age, income and existing financial commitments. The resultant mortgage amount you can afford will be detailed to you in a Pre-Qualification Certificate.

Benefits of Prequalifying

TTMF’s prequalification process analyses your financial data to help you determine the amount of money you can borrow. Getting your Prequalification Certificate eliminates doubt, second-guessing and unpleasant surprises. Once we have determined your affordable price range, you will be able to conduct a more focused house or land hunt, and seek out properties that satisfy all the requirements on your wish list.

Required Documents

Be sure to bring your ID, most recent pay slip, job letter and evidence of your other debts. If you are considering a joint purchase, both yourself and your co-borrower must bring this information.

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