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Employee of the Year 2016 – Kristin Ramesar

Kristin’s dedication, teamwork and commitment is demonstrated by her readiness and willingness to assist her customers and colleagues. Kristin mentors and encourages her staff to excel thereby ensuring that the performance within the department and by extension, the organization remains at high standard.

Roadshow schedule

Roadshow Schedule 14-Jan-17 Cypress Hills, Union Hall 28-Jan-17 Retrench Hills, San Fernando 11-Feb-17 Building 16, Unit 1, Otus Lane, Corinth Hills, Corinth San Fernando 18-Feb-17 Olera Heights, San Fernando 11-Mar-17 9am -2pm Unit 120 Ridgewood Gardens Golconda 25-Mar-17 9am – 2pm  Lot 86 Glenray Housing Development Princes Town 08-Apr-17 Lot 215, Phase 2, Fairfield Housing […]

Employee of 3rd Quarter 2016 - Andre Jackie

Dedicated, helpful and a team player are words used to describe Andre. He embodies our core value of teamwork and empowerment, volunteering his services to contribute to the achievement of his department’s goals. He is passionate about customer service and will go the extra mile top ensure satisfaction of his charges. Congratulations to Andre, you […]

Cup of Joe on the "Mortgage Monster"

Cup of Joe on the “Mortgage Monster” Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3

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Mortgage 101: Interest Rates

The ‘Mortgage Market Reference Rate’ (MMRR) is the interest rate benchmark that forms the basis for the pricing and re-pricing of residential mortgages granted by Commercial Banks. The banks’ mortgage interest rate is based on the MMRR plus a margin which is negotiated between the lender and the customer. In the Disclosure statement, the lender […]

Telephone System Upgrade

Celebrating 50 Years of Mortgage Service Excellenc...

Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage Finance Company Limited (TTMF) celebrated its 50th anniversary of providing mortgage service excellence to the citizens of Trinidad of Tobago in 2015. The TTMF family celebrated this milestone with monthly events, each targeted to a different stakeholder group. Learn more. As we celebrate 50 years as a family and a team, […]