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Home Smart

6 Easy and Impactful Weekend DIY Projects

There are many ways to upgrade and enhance your home without breaking the bank or needing to hire a contractor. Julia and Clyde share 6 of their favourite DIY projects which are not only a welcomed improvement to their property, but also can be completed in just a weekend. Have fun! Home Entrance Give your […]

A 12 Month Plan For Acquiring A Home

Implementing a timeline and plan can make all the difference in turning your home-ownership goal from dream to reality. This timeline below helps guide you through key actions so you can remain on top of the to-do list and avoid common mistakes that can derail the process. Long in Advance Your credit report is often […]

How to Secure Your Financial Future

One of the benefits of being a homeowner is that your home can be leveraged to help secure your financial future and improve your long-term financial situation. Home Equity refers to the difference between your property’s market value and any outstanding debt you have on this property. Usually this means that over the years, as […]

Christmas on a Budget: Avoiding Overspending

One of the most anticipated (and expensive!) times of the year is rapidly approaching. With Christmas right around the corner, Julia and Clyde are keen to share tips on how to budget for the season and prevent overspending. Budget Before you do anything else, assess your finances and determine how much you can afford to […]

A Guide to Renovating Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovations can be a big investment and require careful planning. Julia and Clyde Holmes know this firsthand from their recent kitchen remodel. Luckily, with Clyde’s years in construction he learned from many other kitchen renovations before it was time to do his own. Below they share their biggest learnings with you. Home Equity When […]

Ways to Increase Your Qualifying Amount

Julia and Clyde Holmes spent a long time preparing for their mortgage and placed special focus on ways to increase their Qualifying Amount. Here are their tips to help increase your Qualifying Amount so that you can work towards having a bigger budget for this life step. Education and Career Advancement Investing in your education […]

Protect Your Home from Flooding

Julia and Clyde Holmes are very fond of their family home and make sure to take good care of their property. This includes planning ahead to anticipate seasonal patterns and ensure their house is prepared for expected weather changes such as the rainy season. The Holmes family has compiled some guidelines that you too can […]

5 Facts on Becoming a Homeowner

Clyde Holmes has insight to share about moving from being a renter to a homeowner. The transition to owning a home is quite a big one and comes with a great deal of responsibility. This is not a decision to make hastily, but rather research and preparation are required to help things go as smoothly […]

How to Avoid Expensive Home Repairs

Julia Holmes takes excellent care of their family home. Being married to Clyde, who works in construction, she learnt some of the pitfalls of neglecting home repairs and was encouraged to adopt a number of healthy home care habits. Julia now has quite a number of tips to share to help you keep your home […]