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Home Smart

Two man-rat cyar live in de same hole!

Clyde Holmes, the husband and father in the TTMF puppet family, has some advice to share about living with relatives and the importance of seeking your independence. The Holmes Household Growing up, it was always nice to come home to a full house. My mother and father took turns cooking us dinner and if I […]

Better belly bus’ dan good food waste!

Julia Holmes, the wife and mother in the TTMF puppet family, has some advice to share about food habits and even tricks to save on groceries. No food will waste under my roof As a little girl, my mother wouldn’t let me leave the dinner table until I finished every last bit of food on […]

Hurry-Hurry cook does bu’n dong kitchen

Clyde Holmes, the husband and father in the TTMF puppet family, has some advice to share about the home construction process. Take Yuh Time My boss always says ‘Hurry-Hurry cook does bu’n dong kitchen’ and I’m reminded of the importance of this every day working on the construction site. Just like a rush job in […]

Yuh Cou-Cou cook

Clyde Holmes has some advice to share about becoming a homeowner and things to watch out for so you do not get yourself in hot water. Owning a Home Now, this is no joke – when you own a home it’s a big responsibility and it can take a while to get the hang of […]

Come see me and come live with me is two different...

Moving In Together When Clyde and I got married and started living together, we both thought it would be easy – but let me tell you, it was no walk in the Savannah. To save you some trouble, here are my top tips and advice for when you’re ready to take this step. Finances Before […]

Meet The Holmes Family

Have you seen our Steps to Homeownership videos featuring our puppet family? If not, you can view it on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx94dr20U9AWlNL8FEUJ4Gw This video series introduces Clyde, Julia and Kelly Holmes and shares their journey to home ownership. We invite you to follow their story as they move from renting a small apartment […]

Take care of your property and it will increase yo...

It’s almost December, and we know for many of you that means you’re busy getting everything ready for the Christmas Season. When things are hectic, it can be difficult to find the time to address regular property maintenance tasks. Since consistency in carrying out home maintenance is vital for increasing your property value, we put […]

Make your property work for you - Use the equity i...

With Christmas approaching, and parang and ham on the brain, have you been thinking about any home improvement projects to get your house ready for the holidays? Whether it’s repairing a leaky roof or upgrading your kitchen, the big question is often how to foot the bill for these projects. Well, one way to finance […]

Simple Spaces: Manage your space to maximize its b...

When it comes to planning the layout and décor within your home, a bit of extra thought can help you gain the most out of each space. Consider some of these ideas the next time you’re moving into a new house or find yourself ready to redecorate. Be picky with your pieces Look for furniture […]