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Mortgage Guidance

Property Tax FAQs

1. Good day, I need some information on the new property tax. What do I need to do? The Ministry of Finance has advised that all property owners are required to complete a Valuation Return Form and submit it to any office of the Valuation Division. 2. Where can I get the form? The Ministry […]

How To Become a Homeowner Before 30

Homeownership in Trinidad and Tobago may seem like an unattainable goal, but with lots of planning and sacrifice, you too can achieve this objective and can do so before the age of 30. Here’s how. Save When looking to buy a home, some of your up-front costs are your down payment and your closing costs. […]

Owning a Home in Trinidad and Tobago: A Pipe Dream...

I’m a resident of Trinidad and Tobago in my 30’s heading towards my 40’s; I’ve been a renter for almost a decade. Over the last few years I’ve become more interested in watching HGTV and searching home décor ideas on Pinterest. Why the sudden interest? I could say it’s partially from the Facebook updates from […]

How Home Equity Financing Works

‘Letting your home work for you’. How can your home work for you? The answer? By using the ‘equity’ you have acquired over the years, to finance other expenses such as education, debt consolidation, investment, medical expenses and even vacations. Let us explain ‘equity’.

Finance Your Needs with the Equity in your Home

Wondering where you’ll find the money to repair your leaking roof, clear your credit card bill or pay for medical expenses? Why not use the Equity in your Home? Equity is the difference between the market value of your home and your outstanding debt. Your home is your most significant investment and it generates wealth […]

Avoid Common Mortgage Mistakes

Homeowners, in their desire to acquire their dream home, must be mindful of their own limits. They must be mindful that the mortgage facility would probably be their most significant, long term loan commitment. That being the case, due care must be exercised in making the commitment to a mortgage.

Avoid: Extreme Early Repayment

The desire of most if not all homeowners is to repay their mortgage loan within the shortest possible time, cash flow permitting. Psychologically, in the best-case scenario, we would prefer not to have any debt at all. There is a sense of satisfaction and comfort in not having the obligation or burden of default.

How to Finance your Home Construction

Sometimes prospective homeowners opt to construct their dream home as they consider this to be a more cost effective solution to their housing needs. Construction does, however, add some challenges to the home ownership and financing process.

Avoid: Disregarding your Credit Rating

Many existing and prospective homeowners are either unaware of or regrettably pay too little attention to the impact that their credit profile can have on their ability to acquire new or additional mortgage financing.