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TTMF CAN (Corporate Assistance for the Needy) Project

The TTMF CAN Project is the umbrella under which we operate our Corporate Social Responsibility Projects. There are (5) locations in which we operate our branch network – Arima, Chaguanas, Port of Spain, San Fernando and Tobago.  In each of those areas there exist homes for displaced and orphaned children as well as the elderly who are in need of basic care. In 2017 we have identified and assessed the following homes in these areas and have allocated $150,000 based on their need:

  • Arima – Joshua Boys’ Home.
  • Chaguanas – Dar Ul Aman Freeport Children’s Home.
  • Port of Spain – Holy Name Girls Training Centre.
  • San Fernando – St. Vincent De Paul – Home for the Aged.
  • Tobago – Sylphil Home in Love, Scarborough.

Another element of TTMF CAN was a can drive which ran from October 2nd – 31st. Each department / Unit was requested to collect canned food items from each category (Foods, Drinks, Snacks). Staff members invited family and friends to donate to this can drive which will be donated to the identified homes. A prize was awarded to the department that brought in the most cans per head.


We collected a total of

1,786 cans

with an average count of

10.09 cans per head.



323 CANS

With a count of

107.67 cans per head


Congratulations to the staff members of the Tobago Branch.


It is our belief that volunteerism is a major component in the CSR Project and together we can contribute positively toward the lives of those less fortunate. Most of them are facing daily challenges and we have the tools to make it easier for them.