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“Better belly bus’ dan good food waste!”

Julia Holmes, the wife and mother in the TTMF puppet family, has some advice to share about food habits and even tricks to save on groceries.

No food will waste under my roof

As a little girl, my mother wouldn’t let me leave the dinner table until I finished every last bit of food on my plate. The longer I took to finish my meal, the more she would tell me about all the people in the world that did not have anything to eat. The lesson “Better belly bus’ dan good food waste!” was ingrained in me ever since then, and I also made sure to teach my daughter Kelly.
While this lesson of avoiding food waste is important, there are also many other ways to be responsible with your food habits and I’m excited to share them with you.

Leftovers are like gold

Anytime there are leftovers, you have options for its use. You can pack it into containers for the kids’ lunch kits the next day, or for you and your partner to take to work for lunch. You even use them to create another meal. For instance, leftover rice can be fried to make veggie fried rice, stale bread can be baked into bread pudding, and leftover chicken can make chicken soup. Some dishes also freeze well so you can use it as another meal on an entirely different day. For instance, I can easily defrost leftover lasagna for Clyde and Kelly on evenings when I just don’t have the energy to cook. Some food scraps can even be used to grow plants, which is also a great lesson for the children to partake in.

Plan ahead

Instead of wondering every night ‘what’s for dinner’, planning a weekly menu can save time, effort and cost. Purchase all the needed ingredients for the week in one trip to the grocery, instead of going multiple times, as you run the risk of purchasing the same ingredients twice. Additionally, it’s helpful to make a list and use it when you’re shopping as this reduces the chances of buying things you don’t need. Furthermore, once you know the week’s meals have been planned you are less likely to buy fast food or stop at a restaurant since you know dinner is already thought out and accounted for.

Pennies add up

The above tips may seem like small ideas on their own, but when you implement them regularly, the cost savings can really add up. It has made such a big difference in our home and I hope these ideas can help your family too. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!