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Blood Thicker dan Water

Clyde Holmes, the husband and father in the TTMF puppet family, has some advice to give you about the importance of family ties and sticking together no matter the situation. Clyde and his wife Julia have a sweet and thoughtful daughter named Kelly, who for many years was an only child. The time came when the family was ready to grow and Clyde has lots to share about how they were able to teach the value of family to Kelly at this special time.

Family First

We heard that some children may worry that they will be forgotten so Julia and I thought long and hard about how we should tell Kelly we were expecting another baby. We sat down with Kelly and made sure Kelly knew that she was still our treasured daughter, and that she would always have her own meaningful place in our hearts no matter the size of our family.

We taught Kelly the phrase “Blood Thicker dan Water”, and explained that she would now have the good fortune of being an older sibling.

Thick and Thin

While we wanted to focus on the positive side of things and the excitement of having a new sibling, we also made sure to provide a balanced perspective for Kelly. With the good times also comes the challenging ones and we wanted to make sure Kelly learned about maintaining family loyalty in the best and worst of times. For instance, being a sibling also means that Kelly now has the responsibility to look out for her new brother or sister.

Family Practices

Together, Julia and I developed a list of habits we try to keep up in our family, and we’re happy to share them with you as well.

  • Communicate: One of the things that helps keep our family strong is regular and open communication. From things like communicating a plan of how Julia and I juggle dropping and picking up the kids to school, to discussing our financial goals, we talk often so that we can be on the same page.
  • Be reliable: A great lesson to not only teach our children but also to put into practice is the importance of reliability. We are always there for each other in our family. This also helps ingrain good character to also be reliable in other areas of life, such as our jobs and also paying our financial obligations.
  • Take initiative: In our family, we don’t wait for someone to be in deep trouble to offer help. We also try to mediate problems and prevent them from occurring. For instance, if the sink has a drip we will try to repair it before it becomes a bad leak. Together we all help keep the house and family safe and look out for each other.
  • Family First: Whatever the situation, it is vital that we stick together and support each other, because “Blood Thicker dan Water”.