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“Every Zandoullie mus’ find dey hole”

Julia Holmes, the wife and mother in the TTMF puppet family, has some advice to give you about parenting kids of this generation in an effort to raise disciplined and responsible individuals. Julia takes safety very seriously, and always reminds her daughter, Kelly, to develop habits that will ensure her safety. Below Julia shares her advice, so you too can think of ways to ensure your children maintain smart behaviour.

Responsible Habits

Like many other children her age, Kelly loves to play outside, however I have been teaching her the lesson that “Every Zandoullie mus’ find dey hole”. I tell her that there is a time and place for everything, so that she can understand that when it is late and time for her to come inside. She needs to know that she has to put away her belongings when she is done with them and ensures she plays an important role in keeping that order.

My husband Clyde and I often worry about Kelly’s teenage years, so we’ve been teaching Kelly several responsible practices she should always employ:

  • Sticking to the promised home time: We have taught Kelly that communication is key. When Kelly is older and starts going out, we want her to be in the habit of agreeing with us what time she will come home. It is vital that she knows the importance of her sticking to the promised time, so that we can know she is safe. Back when I was a teenager, I had the exact same arrangement with my parents, and now that I am a mother myself I appreciate even more why my parents insisted on this!
  • Regular updates: We understand that plans can change and so we make sure that Kelly knows how important it is for her to update myself and Clyde about her whereabouts. This update can be quick and to the point. These days with many teenagers having cellphones, it’s so easy for them to send a text with a short message about where they have gone. By the time Kelly is old enough to go liming we hope she is in the habit of texting or calling us with updates.
  • Transport arrangements: We’ve also taught Kelly about the importance of having safe and reliable transport. Since she is very young still, we drop her wherever she has to go. As she gets older, we will start reminding her about the importance of having safe drivers. When I was a teen and liming on the weekend with my friends, my parents always insisted that if any of my friends were driving us around, that it must be someone who was a very responsible driver and always abided by all the rules of the road.
  • A phone call away: Kelly knows that we are always just a phone call away, and that if she is ever not feeling safe or is uncomfortable, that she can always call us. We have told her countless times that we prefer she reach out to us instead of stay in an unsafe situation.
  • Emergency Contacts: We also ensure that Kelly knows all the emergency numbers to call including the Police, Fire Department and Ambulance. She also has a list of her relatives’ numbers as well, and we encourage her to learn them all by heart so that she can dial any of them at a moment’s notice.

We hope that the tips above can help you and your children practice safe habits! If you have more suggestions please share with us below!