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“Hurry-Hurry cook does bu’n dong kitchen”

Clyde Holmes, the husband and father in the TTMF puppet family, has some advice to share about the home construction process.

Take Yuh Time

My boss always says ‘Hurry-Hurry cook does bu’n dong kitchen’ and I’m reminded of the importance of this every day working on the construction site. Just like a rush job in the kitchen can end up in sloppy food or even a kitchen fire, so too can the home construction process end up in disaster if you don’t take your time to go through the needed steps.

Documents & Approvals

When it comes to building your home there can be so many documents required that it can overwhelm you. Our clients tell us that they feel buried in a mountain of paperwork ranging from things like ‘Survey Plan’ to ‘Builder’s Estimate’ to ‘Approved Building Plans from Town & Country’. So, to help save you the surprise, I strongly recommend you make the effort to understand the documentation and approvals needed and get started on it as early as possible. You can find out about many of the requirements in this TTMF ‘Required Documents’ list here. Understanding the items needed really makes all the difference so you can plan ahead and enjoy the experience.

Selecting your Contractor

I’ve heard horror stories of couples that are so giddy and excited to get started that they go with the first contractor they hear about. Even though Contractors might be friendly at first and say yes to everything, the inexperienced and unprofessional may not keep to any of the deadlines or budget. My team has had to come in and fix some of these messes and rectify untidy work that was rushed. For instance, I’ve seen paint applied with gaps and messy edges in places, stairs that are uneven and other sloppy work. These poor families end up starting the whole process again and wasting money in the process. Avoid this mistake and make sure to do your research, get references and view some of his previous work before selecting your Contractor.

Patience is a Virtue

I have to remind people on site over and over that the Magnificent Seven wasn’t built in a day. Everyone often wants the construction to be finished ‘quick-quick’. Now that is not my style. Working in construction has taught me that rushing through this is a recipe for disaster. When it comes to a project I like to carefully go through the steps and make sure it is all done correctly. Once we had to go in and fix a kitchen that had crooked tiles and uneven grout. Apparently the home-owner had rushed the previous contractor to lay the tiles in a hurry and that is what they ended up with. It hurts my head to remember how obzokee it looked. While you have to manage your project to ensure that the contractor is not wasting time, make sure you give him adequate time to do a proper and thorough job. As they say: more haste, less speed.

I hope you have learned some valuable tips from this and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!