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Meet The Holmes Family

Have you seen our Steps to Homeownership videos featuring our puppet family? If not, you can view it on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx94dr20U9AWlNL8FEUJ4Gw

This video series introduces Clyde, Julia and Kelly Holmes and shares their journey to home ownership. We invite you to follow their story as they move from renting a small apartment to eventually owning their home. By sharing their experience and paying attention to the process, you are taken through the 5 Steps to Home Ownership.

Introducing The Holmes…

Meet Clyde

Clyde is a 36-year-old father of one, and expecting another. He is a jovial guy, always making a joke or two that generally amuses him only.

He is the last of five children and was born in rural Trinidad. After attending secondary school, he went to learn a trade and has been working in the construction sector for over ten years. Having been around buildings for so many years, he sometimes thinks that he could have done a better design than that of the architects.

In younger years, he loved discovery. He would either traverse the country to bask in its natural beauty or spend time in the library where he could encounter foreign lands or enlighten himself on various disciplines. It was at the library that he met his wife Julia, a teacher in training who was doing research.

Meet Julia

Julia is 33 years old, and is wife to Clyde and mother to one daughter, Kelly. She will soon bring another child into the world. She is a practical person and has keen foresight, thus she deals with problems before they arise. Julia is a school teacher and loves her job. She enjoys imparting knowledge to others but sometimes can speak more than necessary.

Julia lives in an apartment near to the capital with her family and knows with a baby on the way, they must move out of their small apartment. She has taken the initiative to speak with the TTMF and we follow along as she educates Clyde on what she has learnt.

Meet Kelly

Kelly is six years old, “going on seven”. Like children her age, she loves to play and draw. She is generally always in a happy mood and is sometimes too energetic. A very attentive child, she is quite aware of developments in the home and has a healthy rapport with her parents.

Julia’s Last Minute Christmas Decorating Tips

With a demanding job, a young daughter and as an expecting mother I don’t have much time to dilly dally around the apartment. You’re probably busy too, so I have some tips for quick and easy decorating which can help you too:

  • Make an easy centerpiece or home decoration by using a serving tray from the kitchen and filling it with ornaments.
  • If you don’t have enough decorations for the tree, use what you have. Candy canes, for example, work great and are also delicious (once your children don’t eat them all).
  • Add lights or a garland around your staircase banister for a welcoming feel.
  • For a personal touch, hang Christmas cards or family photos along the staircase using clothes pins and string or ribbon.
  • Decorate your tree faster by placing it in a corner and you don’t need to decorate the back because no one can see it.