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Take care of your property and it will increase your wealth

It’s almost December, and we know for many of you that means you’re busy getting everything ready for the Christmas Season. When things are hectic, it can be difficult to find the time to address regular property maintenance tasks. Since consistency in carrying out home maintenance is vital for increasing your property value, we put together a helpful guide so you can ensure your home stays in excellent condition.


One of the key ways to look after your floors is to keep them clean. Regardless of the floor type, regular cleaning (from sweeping to vacuuming) helps get rid of dirt and dust and prevents a more permanent layer of dirt from building up.

For tiled areas of your home, monitor the grout so that you can prevent trouble spots from becoming worse by having repairs done as needed.


Regularly keep an eye out for early signs of a leaking roof – such a darker area on the ceiling, especially ones that grow in size. Bring in the professionals to make repairs as required.

Also note any overhanging tree limbs that could be a risk for falling onto your roof. If it seems too close for comfort, it may be worthwhile having the branch removed.


Pay attention to the exterior of your property and look out for wear and tear or damage. This includes things such as peeling or chipping paint, wood that may be weathered or weakened, or signs of termites. Addressing these finds as soon as possible, before they escalate to more serious conditions, means more long-term savings for your bank account.


Especially pertinent for the rainy season, have a look at the drainage around your home and check on the gutters to ensure they are clear. Your gutters may need some cleaning out to get rid of any leaves or twigs. This helps prevent muck and debris from building up to a level that’s hard to manage and helps you to stay in control.


Over the years, cracking may occur in concrete driveways due to factors such as soil movement or root growth of large trees. To help with this, you can seal the cracks with caulking and ensure any drainage is diverted from the driveway area.