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“Yuh Cou-Cou cook”

Clyde Holmes has some advice to share about becoming a homeowner and things to watch out for so you do not get yourself in hot water.

Owning a Home

Now, this is no joke – when you own a home it’s a big responsibility and it can take a while to get the hang of everything. Julia and I learned some things the hard way, but we hope you can benefit from our experiences and avoid getting yourself in above your heads. Here are some of the important things you should keep in mind when you become a homeowner.


I felt like a big man once I bought my home and could call myself a homeowner. I was spending more a lot because I thought I reach. Between a few nights liming at the rum shop, a new pair of sneakers and a nice shiny TV to watch my cricket, I had suddenly spent more than my paycheck was bringing in. It was a slippery slope too… I even bought a new couch and started looking at a new car so I could upgrade everything to match. However, with my credit cards maxed out and owing the banks, it became a big financial mess that we had to work long and hard to rectify. So if there is anything I could tell you, it is to not live above your means. It will quickly burn a hole in your pocket and you won’t have anything left to buy new pants (or anything else).


The bathroom sink had a little drip once so I just put a bucket to collect the water, but leaving it to drip only made it worse and also drove Julia mad. Eventually the whole pipe exploded and the bathroom flooded! We rushed to find a plumber to repair it but it would have been so much less headache and money if we had just addressed it in the first place.

Everything might look nice when you first move in, but it takes hard work to keep it that way. Regular upkeep and showing care for your property helps ensure it stays in good condition and reduces potential expenses down the road. So have funds set aside for repairs and maintenance, and take time out every week to do things like check for leaks, empty your gutters and clean your appliances.

Think Smart

While it might be exciting to own a home, if you lose control with your spending “Yuh Cou-Cou cook”. Owning a home means you now have new responsibilities and the onus is on you and your partner to plan and budget accordingly. Make time to discuss all of these factors with your partner, set aside funds for payments and expenses, and ensure you are on the right path to keeping your home in good condition.