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“Yuh Farda is a Glass Maker”

Julia Holmes, the wife and mother in the TTMF puppet family, has some advice to share about living together. Julia has learned a lot from living with her husband Clyde. Here, she reminisces about when they were first a married couple and how they learned to create a happy home.

Glass Maker

I remember the feeling of first moving in together with Clyde – I was nervous and excited at the same time! Once we unpacked our belongings and started to develop a daily routine, there were many things that started to stand out to me when it came to Clyde’s habits. For instance, I try to watch the news every night to make sure I stay informed, but Clyde would come into the room and try to talk to me while it was still airing. To make things worse, he would even stand in front of the TV and block my view. The first few times he did this, I didn’t say anything as I was trying to be polite, but eventually I couldn’t help but blurt out, “Yuh farda is a glass maker, Clyde?”


This led to a long conversation about our habits and the things that we could both change to be more mindful of each other. There were also things about me that had been bothering Clyde but he hadn’t spoken up about them either! After a long day of work teaching, I would enjoy playing music in the afternoon to relax. This is when Clyde told me that he actually preferred it to be quiet when he got home but the music was loud and he could not concentrate. From then on, Clyde would be more careful to not block the TV, and I switched to using my headphones to listen to music. This honest discussion helped us see that we both had a lot to learn about each other’s preferences. The more we talked about it, the better we were able to make changes that would ensure we both could enjoy living under the same roof. Remember, the other person cannot see what you are thinking.

Little changes, big difference

You can take away some key lessons from my experience with Clyde. It’s a good idea to communicate with your partner; this way you can better understand their preferences, and vice versa.

Once you understand their preferences, small changes in behavior and being a considerate individual can go a long way. To help highlight a few easy things you can implement right away, here are some tips I’ve put together for you. Hope they help!

  • Don’t block the TV when other people are watching ?
  • Ensure the volume of your music is not too loud
  • Keep your space, and any shared spaces, tidy
  • Try to wash the dishes when you can to prevent them from piling up
  • If you finish something – replace or refill it
  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room
  • When in doubt, be considerate, and communicate!