Book an an appointment to buy land from LSA Form

Book an appointment to apply for Financing for a Mortgage for customers who have been allocated land through the LSA.

Ensure you have these documents for your appointment.

Buy Land

Standard Documents

  • Evidence of Nationality (2 Forms of ID)
  • National Insurance (NIS) Number
  • Income Tax (BIR) Number
  • Evidence of Income (Job Letter / Pay Slip)*
  • Evidence of Savings & Indebtedness**
  • Most Recent Credit Card Statement(s)
  • Title Deed(s) or Lease and/or Mortgage Deed
  • Valuation Report
  • Up-to-date receipts for Land & Building Taxes, Water & Sewerage Rates & Lease Rent
  • WASA Clearance Certificate
  • Utility Bill

Additional Documents

  • Survey Plan
  • Town & Country Planning approval to develop land for residential purposes
  • Regional Corporation Final approval for the development of land

Two (2) copies of all documents must be provided

*Evidence of Income: Submit an Original Job Letter & Pay Slip. If self employed, submit Financial Statements for the last three (3) years and Bank Statements for the last three (3) years, stating the average monthly balance. If you are employed on contract, submit copies of employment contracts for the last three (3) years.

**Evidence of Savings & Indebtedness: Submit Statements from all Financial Institutions with which you deal, including Credit Unions (monthly payments towards loans must be indicated on these statements).

Apply for Financing for a Mortgage for land allocated through the Land Settlement Agency (LSA)

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