Our History

Today, the Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage Finance Company Limited (TTMF) stands ready to embrace the demand for residential mortgage loans from potential homeowners throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

TTMF is established.

On December 03, 1965, an Agreement between the Commonwealth Development Corporation (formerly Colonial Development Corporation) and the Government of Trinidad & Tobago (GOTT) was initiated to promote and form a company “with the objective of providing mortgage finance to the purchase of dwelling houses (including land) such mortgages to qualify as guaranteed under the Housing Act 1962”.

The company was duly incorporated on December 03, 1965 as the Trinidad & Tobago Mortgage Finance Company Limited.

TTMF - Get Prequalified

Maiden Assignment

As an Approved Mortgage Company, TTMF’s first assignment was the granting of mortgages to persons benefiting from a housing project at the Diamond Vale Estate, Diego Martin. That estate was being developed by Homes International Development (T’dad) Limited.

Today, Diamond Vale is a well-populated and high-demand location in the northwest. The provision of mortgages was also extended to persons who were buying homes in housing developments, such as Trincity Housing Estate – Tacarigua, Lange Park – Chaguanas, Santa Rosa Heights – Arima, D’Abadie Development – D’Abadie and the original ‘Westmoorings’ houses.

Ongoing Campaign for Home Ownership

Over the years, TTMF has increased its share in the mortgage market through agreements with the then National Housing Authority, now the Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and the Trinidad Sugar Estates Limited (now Caroni Lands). Under these agreements, mortgage financing was extended to purchasers of homes constructed by these companies for a specific time. By partnering with other companies, TTMF has been able to go beyond the boundaries of the Housing Act.

The Company continues to work passionately at providing mortgage financing to focus on fulfilling its potential of being the Lender of 1st choice for residential mortgages. Together with a highly skilled and knowledgeable team, it keeps step with the needs of both its current mortgagors and those of the wider public as it achieves its mission toward all would-be home owners: to ‘make home ownership an easy and rewarding experience’.



Company Launch

Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage Finance Company Limited had its genesis in the Trinidad Mortgage Agency Company Limited (TRINMAC), a limited liability company which was formed in 1961.


Signing of the agreement

An Agreement was signed on December 3rd, 1965 with the aim of forming and promoting a company with the objective of providing mortgage finance to the purchasers of dwelling houses, including land. The mortgages were to conform to the regulations of the Housing Act 1962, as guaranteed mortgages.

Therefore, the private company, Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage Finance Company Limited (TTMF), was formed and duly incorporated as an Approved Mortgage Company. Finance for the new company was provided at the time by the Colonial Development Corporation (CDC) at 80% and the Government of Trinidad & Tobago (GOTT) at 20%.


Introducing NIB

In 1973, the National Insurance Board (NIB), established in 1971, was invited to play a role in the financing of TTMF. The resulting Finance Agreement was entered into on February 15th 1974, between the TTMF, the NIB, the CDC and the GOTT.


Locally Owned

In 1980, the GOTT purchased the equity held by the CDC. Thus TTMF became locally owned with the Government of Trinidad & Tobago (GOTT) holding 51.6% of the shares and the National Insurance Board (NIB), 48.4%.


Majority Shareholder

In October, the National Insurance Board purchased 2% of Government’s shareholding in TTMF and thereby became the majority shareholder with 51%.

The authorised capital of TTMF was expanded to TT$15,000,000 represented by 3,125,000 shares, bringing the value of issued and fully paid shares to TT$12,408,000 divided into 2,585,000 shares of $4.80 each.


TTMF Today

Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage Finance Company Limited is jointly owned by the Government of Trinidad & Tobago (GOTT) and the National Insurance Board (NIB) in a current shareholding ratio of 49%:51% respectively.